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Parent Portal

Access for all of your child's programs, including Google Classroom, PowerSchool and apps being used, are located in your student's Clever Portal. Access can be obtained by having your child log-in to their Clever Portal.

Excessive Absenteeism: HB 410


Highland Support Server

Healthchek -- Healthchek is Ohio's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program. It is a service package for babies, kids and young adults younger than age 21 who are enrolled on Ohio Medicaid.

PaySchools Central - previously PayForit

  • NOTICE: If you turned off lunch auto payments over a break, please RESET the end date for auto payments. 

PowerSchool Sign In 

  • For PowerSchool, if you are using the Power School Mobile App our School Code is SJXQ.
  • Student Login Changes:

    Students now need to create a Google Chrome profile and utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) for logging into PowerSchool. We've provided detailed instructions on how to set up a Google profile via the following link: Chrome Profile and Clever Setup Guide

    Parent Login Remains Unchanged:

    For parents, the login method remains the same. If you've previously set up a parent login using the portal letter provided at the beginning of the school year, it will continue to work seamlessly.

    Portal Letter Assistance:

    If you're unsure about your parent portal letter or haven't set up a parent login for your student, please reach out to the office of the school your child attends, high school will need to contact the Guidance Office. The portal letter contains a unique login and password that can only be obtained from the letter, along with instructions on how to set this up.  A letter for each student will be needed to add multiple students into one parent account.  This will make it easier for parents to check the status of their students without logging into their accounts.

    • If you have problems logging into Powerschool, please complete a Technology Help Ticket and someone from the Technology Department will respond to your request for assistance.

Custom Mobile App
Did you know that the Highland Schools has a custom mobile app available for free download? It's true! The app makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to access important news and information related to the Highland Schools. 

  • Android users can download the app in the Google Play Store.
  • iPhone users can visit the App Store.
  • Search for “Highland Local Schools.”
  • Select the app with the district H logo and green background.
  • Subscribe to your child’s school, or if you have multiple children in the district, subscribe to multiple schools.

As always, please feel free to visit our website at If you have suggestions for a revision or improvement, please let us know by emailing Thank you!