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Highland Logo Policy

Highland Logo Policy (effective 10/2/18)

The Highland Hornet logo and the Highland H have officially been trademarked and copywritten! This is great news for the District, as we now have complete control over our school logos and will be better able to maintain a consistent brand and identity in our communities.

All schools in the district, as well as PTOs and other district-sponsored groups, clubs and organizations are permitted to use the official logos. Logos are not to be altered or changed in any way. No other versions or renditions of the Hornet or the H will be permitted to be used on printed items or clothing without prior consent by the Superintendent or the Director of Communications.

High resolution formats of the official logos are available upon request from the Communications Office.

Permission must be granted in writing prior to any outside, for-profit agencies, businesses or organizations reproducing the Hornet or the H logos. Please contact the Communications Office with any questions. Thanks!