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Option 1: In Person Learning (Hybrid, Home Distance)

Last Updated: 1/3/2021 6:39 PM

(To download the district's 2020-21 Reopening Plan in its entirety, please click HERE)

Option 1, students return to school, in person, 5 days per week, with increased mitigation strategies (District Health and Safety Protocols). Student and staff expectations reflect that of a traditional school year.

Building Schedules

Option 1 must also contain contingency plans (for partial and/or full school closures) given the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • It may become necessary to transition from in-person schooling to hybrid learning to home distance learning at any time throughout the year based on orders from the Ohio Department of Health, Medina County Health Department or Governor’s Office. [Example: Purple COVID-19 Risk Level – severe exposure and community spread would result in home distance learning].
  • Contingency plans are required in the event that high levels of staff absenteeism occurs and we are unable to find enough substitute teachers or other staff (bus drivers).
  • Contingency plans are required in the event of intermittent closures related to student or staff quarantine, due to exposure.

Hybrid Model (Contingency Plan 1-A)
This model includes 50% of students in a building at a time with safety protocols. 

  • 50% student capacity with a minimum of 6 feet physical distancing, when possible.
  • 50% of students would attend school every other day and home distance learning would occur on the other days
  • Students would be assigned into one of two groups – either the Green or White cohort.
    • Green: Students would attend Monday, Wednesday, every other Friday (Last names A-K)
    • White: Students would attend Tuesday, Thursday, every other Friday (Last names L-Z)
    • Family members and blended family members would be assigned to attend school on the same day.

Hybrid Building Schedules  Hybrid Expectations  Hybrid Calendar

Home Distance Learning Model (Contingency Plan 1-B)
This model includes all students learning from home.

  • School transitions from in-person learning (or Hybrid Model) to 100% home distance learning.
  • Student attendance would be taken daily.
  • Daily synchronous and asynchronous (video, recorded lessons) learning opportunities would occur.
  • Academic expectations would remain, including grading.
  • School mental health services and well-being supports would be maintained.
  • Campus access would be restricted or prohibited (if Stay at Home Order is issued).
  • No interscholastic athletic contests or extra-curricular activities.

Home Distance Schedules   HD Leaning Expectations